Taiwan Offshore Wind Energy Summit 2018

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Taiwan Offshore Wind Energy Summit 2018

May 15 – 16, 2018 |Taipei, Taiwan

Globally, there are 20 locations are assumed to possess the most outstanding wind resources, whilst Taiwan occupies 16 locations, with potential capacity of more than 6000MW. Therefore, Taiwan is considered as one of the top investment destination for offshore wind development. Also, the Taiwan Renewable Energy Development Act” puts forward a comprehensive renewable energy policy framework and institutionalizes a number of policies for Taiwan’s offshore wind development, including the establishment of a 20-year Feed in Tariff, zonal development, the “Thousand Wind Turbine Project”, and the “Offshore Demonstration Incentive Program.


Taiwan Power Company has published their process of the infrastructure development plan, with an estimated interconnection capacity of 10.65GW by 2025 to fulfill the offshore wind development plan. However, the lack of integrated industrial chain causes obstacles for the development of Taiwan offshore wind.


With the intention of connecting the local Taiwanese companies with international firms, Neoventure International decides to hold Taiwan Offshore Wind Energy Summit 2018 in Taipei on May 15-16, 2018. For TOWES 2018, we are dedicated to building a networking and match-making platform for all concerned industrial players to share the knowledge and to expand business contacts in this emerging market. What TOWES 2018 can provide is not only the

 topical sessions to update the market intelligence, but also to get connected with key projectdevelopers and potential technology partners in Taiwan.


Conference & Exhibition (May 15-16, 2018)

l 200+ professional participants from Authorities & Regulators, IPPs, Offshore Wind Developers, EPC Contractors, and etc.

l 20+ exhibitors will showcase the new technologies, products and services.

l The best opportunity to learn first-hand information and explore business in Taiwan’s Offshore Wind.

l 20+ hours of networking


B2B Match-Making Forum (May 15-16, 2018)

The ideal occasion for project owners, sponsors, and other potential partners to host one-on-one discussion for potential cooperation to kick-start the development of the offshore wind projects, not only focusing on the project investment and financing, but also the local-international cooperation and technology transferring.


Thanks for your attention and we are looking forward to seeing you in Taipei this May!

Feel free to contact Wendy via wendy@neoventurecorp.comfor further info.

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